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My Sims 3 world Cloud Cucloo Island

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by , 27th March 2010 at 09:19 PM (946 Views)
OK in the Sims 3 you can make a world. I don’t know how too but if I did here are what the inpatients would be and what they would be like and basted on. I hope I could learn to get the town made some day. Sims in this town come from Pop clutcher the Sims 2 and my own mind. So this is what I got so far I hope I come up with a whole town.

Cloud Cucloo Island, this little town on a remote island is a little odd.

Shepherd Family based on OCs

Ash Shepherd has four great loves in his life, his wife, cooking, marshal arts and Books. Can he find balance in these things?

Ash Shepherd (Male Young adult) – Traits Bookworm, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic, Disciplined, Friendly, Nordic. Life time wish Celebrated Five-Star Chef

Summer Shepherd (Female Young adult) Traits, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Neat, Family Oriented, Hot Headed Life time Wish The Culinary Librarian

Dave Shepherd (Male Elder) Traits, Angular, Handy, Genus, Perfectionist, No sense of Humor. Life time wish The Thinker

Rose Shepherd (Female Teen) Traits, Green Thumb, Loves the outdoors, Excitable, Family Oriented

My planes for them Ash is going to Mater Cooking and martial arts and become a Chef of Iron after he reaches the top of his culinary career He is going to take up writing. Summer is going to have a rocking guardian, and have what I hope will be twin girls. Rose is going to help mom guardian and learn marshal arts. Dave is going to take up fishing after he becomes the Thinker.

Vondooms based on the Four Horsemen

The Vondooms don’t really like people that much.

Otto Vondoom (male adult) Traits, Charismatic, Ambishus, Evil, Snob, Party Animal, Good since of Humor. Life Time Wish leader of the free world.

Jason Vondoom (Male Young adult) Traits, Athletic, Brave, Hot Headed, Evil, Daredevil. Life time wish become an astronaut.
Bonny Vondoom (Female young adult) Traits, Evil, Athletic, Kleptomaniac, Light sleeper, flirty. Life time wish Empress of evil.

Sam Vondoom (Male young adult) Traits, Evil, Genius, Insane, Green thumb, handy. Life time wish robot animal cross breeder.

Penny Vondoom (Female adult) Traits Evil, snob, workaholic, heavy sleeper, hot headed. Life time wish CEO of a Megacorporation.

You might wonder way there are five of them if there the four horsemen, well I like bad guys based on the four horsemen will one more for sin. Otto is conquest, Jason is war, Bonny is Death, Sam is Plague, and Penny is Sin.

Banner Household based on The Hulk

Bruce Banner and his Brother Hulk have not always got along. However they think that moving into this new town can help.

Hulk Banner (Male Yung adult) Traits, Hot Headed, Athletic, Brave, and Technophobe, Loves the Outdoors. Life Time Wish Become a Superstar Athlete.

Bruce Banner (Male Yung adult) Traits, Green Thumb, Handy, Genus, Loner, Cowered. Life time wish Creature-Robot Crossbreeder.

I might add Sims for She Hulk and Grey Hulk. I don’t know. Anyway I just have fun with a Sim based on Hulk.

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