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  1. My Sims 3 world Cloud Cucloo Island

    by , 27th March 2010 at 09:19 PM
    OK in the Sims 3 you can make a world. I don’t know how too but if I did here are what the inpatients would be and what they would be like and basted on. I hope I could learn to get the town made some day. Sims in this town come from Pop clutcher the Sims 2 and my own mind. So this is what I got so far I hope I come up with a whole town.

    Cloud Cucloo Island, this little town on a remote island is a little odd.

    Shepherd Family based on OCs

    Ash ...
  2. I just had to post this

    by , 13th March 2010 at 02:14 PM

    Superman get trapped in an unbreakable phone booth. Its the perfect trap.
  3. New Years Resolution: Get A Brain

    by , 10th March 2010 at 05:58 PM
    A not allways right story. Enjoy

    Customer: “What are your hours for New Years?”

    Me: “We will be closing at 4pm on New Year’s Eve.”

    Customer: “Do you have something with those times on it?”

    Me: “If you go over to the bulletin board by the door there is a sign with the hours.”

    Customer: “This sign says December 31, but nothing about New Year’s Eve!”

    Me: “Yes ma’am, New Year’s Eve ...
  4. My Super Smash bros 4 line up

    by , 4th March 2010 at 11:41 AM
    I don't really care about anyone or how unlikly they are.

    Super Shrom: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Princess Daisy, Paper Mario, Mellow, Gingo, Petty Perinea

    Triforce: Link, Zelda/Sheik/Tetra, Ganon, Toon Link, Minda, Wolf Link

    Pokéball: Pikachu,Jigglypuff, Lucario, Gardevoir, Snorlax, Heracross, Cubone, Gengar, Staraptor, Absol, Pokémon Trainer

    Warpstar: Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Gooey, Knuckle Joe

    Updated 28th March 2010 at 11:14 AM by Werewolf Hero

  5. Restaurants of the Chinese Zodiac

    by , 22nd January 2010 at 12:50 PM
    Well in a short story I'm writing there is a Joke that all the restaurants have the animals of the Chinese Zodiac in the name. I need one to be an Ice Cream Place. Here are my ideas so far. If People can help I would like it. If I need more I will go into the Kung fu animals

    Pack Rat Buffet

    Wild Ox Steak House

    Tiger ?

    Little Rabbet Italian

    Dragon of the West Chinese Buffet

    Snake ?

    Horse ? ...
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