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Katsu Koneko

Animation On Display 2009 Con was freakin' <3

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by , 17th February 2009 at 08:25 PM (729 Views)

My first anime convention! It was freakin' awesome!

Let's see. I woke up at 7:50AM. I would have woken up at 8AM since I set my alarm to that, but, I couldn't sleep once I woke up at 7:50AM.

So, I ate breakfast (Mushroom, Vienna Sausage, and Egg Omelet :D) while watchin' Sabrina the Teenage Witch on ABC Family. Then I took a shower, dressed up in mah cat girl costume. Dad laughed at me because of me wearing it again.

Then my friend Kayla & her mom picked me up. During the way there I played with the dog. I was like, "AWW~" Though knowing me...if it was a cat I'd be all over it. XD

So we got there~

Surprisingly it was...not crowded. I guess it was still too early for the mob. So we had our coats checked in so we wouldn't have lug it around. Heavy coat nyah.

We filled out this form and then suddenly this person shows up. "Give this to a random person and tell them to take good care of it." She and & were just confused and we just gave it to the next person that appeared near us.

So...we went to the "El Dorado" room and immediately we were in HEAVEN.

Srly, it was like a dream.

I was looking around and I saw...


Yes, a Shaymin plushie was my first purchase. It was one of my main goals ever since I saw what Shaymin looked like a while back. The rest were skymin. I was like, 'Nyah...Shaymin's cuter <3'

Then I saw a Rena (from higurashi) Figure...I was like, "should I buy this or not?" I just went around to think it over before I decide. (later I discovered it was sold out) Then this lady was like, "You're an expresso cat?" I told her that I was just a cat, but then she said, "though you have expresso on your shirt...everyone can dress up as Chocolat (I think )."

Yeah so I moved onto the next lady and she was reallllllllllllllll nice!

Most of the stuff I have is thanks to her. She was the nicest & reasonable seller there~ Well, in my opinion. :3 I hope she does get that house she wanted with the money she got from selling this stuff.

After that we went to the "Twin Peaks" room and met Johnny Yong Bosch! The room was not crowded like I thought it would be. It was like...empty-ish. I was like, "O-O's empty." Then I saw to the right of me...Johnny. I couldn't believe it. I was like, "Dude. I'm in a dream. I'm not near a famous person." So we watched this dude get his Power Rangers shirt signed by Johnny and then it was Kayla's turn. I was like so nervous since I was next. He took out the little cover from the DVD and signed it. I was, 'OMG. OMG. He signed it." Then we both got pictures with him.

Next was the Grand Ballroom where we watched some Para Para.

Then we went to Cathedral Hill A where Yukie was finishing up her Ani-Song Panel with "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu" from Haruhi and "Emotion" from Gundam Seed Destiny. I got a picture of me & her.

We looked around again and then went back to the Grand Ballroom as Voice Actor Character Improv was a few minutes into. We saw Johnny once again. It turned out we stepped in when he talked about how his grandma washed her panties over the dishes. Voice Actor Character Improv was such a riot. I laughed so much. I recorded a lot of stuff.

After the panel...I...once again...walked up to Johnny and asked him if he could say his, "This world is made of LOVE AND PEACE" line from Trigun. Once I pressed record on my cell he yelled it and I could sense that everyone was looking over. I thanked him again and he...patted my shoulder. XD -spaz- I was like, 'OMG HE TOUCHED ME!' XD

So we stuck around for Women in anime. This gal admitted that she didn't like women at all in anime and that she cross-dressed everyday...

We stuck around for "Bleach From the Inside". Johnny again. XD Sheesh.

He answered my question. "Do you have any favorite episodes?" and he was like, "Hm...not sure. I really like the Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo episodes..." or something like that. :3

We left after a few minutes into it to go to the game room. Played some DDR after. (Nyah I suck and...I'm sore XD)

I saw a Plusle & Minun pair of cosplayers. XD

Then we saw Iron Cosplay for a bit...went over to the Swap Meet. Damn the high sellers. DX I got the Sailor Moon Doujin there. -cough- We got some Ramen and went to the DA panel. Yep. Yummy stuff. "Come on in Ramen eaters. Why didn't you bring me some?"

Sometime later...We saw Johnny in the hallway...XD Nyah. Kayla was like, "Dude we're stalking him." XD

We went back to Iron Cosplay and then walked around. Browsed again at "El Dorado" Room.

Soo lastly, we went to see the Game show. It was fun~ XD Lucky person got an Elemental Gallade Boxset. NYAH. Other prizes included "The DaVinci Code" PS2 Game & "Enter the Matrix" PS2.

We got our coats and went home.

Pretty much heaven. :3

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    Anime cons > all.
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    Yep anime cons are awesome! <3


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