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Johto Trainer's Battle Blog (JTBB) :D

This is my blog where I post about my recent battle experiences. I also may post some other important things, and I might do some giveaways (Although they won't be amazing pokemon, maybe just some egg move pokemon or something). I may also post about other events, like holidays, and stuff. So... enjoy!

  1. New Laptop! :D

    by , 3rd January 2011 at 10:04 PM (Johto Trainer's Battle Blog (JTBB) :D)
    Hi there, everyone! I'm very happy to say that I'm finally getting a new laptpop! My dad has been taking the family laptop to work every other day, so it's been annoying :/ Plus, after all the Christmas money I got, I now have $700, so I can afford it.

    But what laptop should I get? I don't really want to spend over $500, but I might spend $600. I don't need it to be like a really expensive one. I like HP and Toshiba, but not Dell. I think I'll be able get it this week :D
  2. New Years! Also, latest giveaway (On Smogon)

    by , 1st January 2011 at 11:56 PM (Johto Trainer's Battle Blog (JTBB) :D)
    Hey, everyone! I'm here to wish you all a happy New Year! Yesterday, my whole family had a huge New Year's party, and I stayed up all night, so I'm pretty tired now. But it was very fun :D I hope you guys had fun aswell! Happy New Year ^_^

    Also, just now, I finished breeding a Shiny Rash near flawless Torchic that I will be giving away on Smogon, so if you have a Smogon account and you're reading this, you should log on Smogon now and stalk the Giveaway forum, because I'll be posting ...
  3. The Yankee swap tourney :]

    by , 30th December 2010 at 01:03 AM (Johto Trainer's Battle Blog (JTBB) :D)
    This was a very.... interesting tourney :P It was fun, though, after we got the trading done. I'm sad to say that I only made it to Round 3 (1 Round away from winning a prize D:), but I'm proud of myself for making it that far.

    Round 1 was against Heathcliff Huxtable and I did really bad. I was horrible early-match, but I luckily got back the momentum. My ScarfCross got me the win against his Mamoswine, because I luckily survived a STAB Ice Shard after CC's defense drop. Phew. ...
  4. Merry Christmas :DDD

    by , 25th December 2010 at 03:08 AM (Johto Trainer's Battle Blog (JTBB) :D)
    Hi there everyone! It's Christmas day, finally! And I got to open my presents early (Because my family always celebrates on Christmas eve, and we open our presents at midnight) and I'm very pleased. So, I just wanted to wish you all the merriest Christmas you've ever had :D Here's what I got:

    ~ Clothes (Yay =])

    I got the cutest jacket and boots and some other stuff. Yay!

    ~ A drawing thingy (Yay =])

    I'm not exactly sure what it's called, ...
    RNG Breeding , Etc.
  5. Yay for presents :]

    by , 23rd December 2010 at 02:08 AM (Johto Trainer's Battle Blog (JTBB) :D)
    My mom put our Christmas presents under the tree today, and I took a look at mine. I'm expecting some nice presents!

    My first Christmas wish is an Action Replay. Ever since I learned to RNG, it's been a pain to go asking others to clone and IV check for me, plus, hatching eggs is so boring. So to make my life easier I've decided that I wanted an AR for Christmas. Under the tree, there's a small rectangular gift for me, and I'm almost positive it's an AR :D

    The other ...
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