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Second Helpings?

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Both stared each other down. He, above her on his pedestal, anger and hatred seeping from him despite the emotionless glaze across his face. Her, rising to his challenge, ready to bring him down from his high horse and stop this madness. She knew what might be needed to be done, but hoped, really and truly hoped, that she wouldn't have to lose another one close to her.

His eyes looked blank, but behind them he fumed, angry at the world that had screwed him over first chance it could when it finally got past the blockage that was his mother. She knew everything that had caused him to fall, it was to be expected from him since he never really had such a strong resolve. Whenever something would happen to him, he'd withdraw, turn and run. Now he had stopped and turned to face the world.

And he terrified it.

He may not have a strong resolve, but his mind was constantly at work, studying and processing all information it could locate. She knew he would be able to see her plans and start plotting counters to them, able to see when she would shift her angle of attack and how to compensate for it. He was the tactician between them, obsessive to the very last detail, watching constantly for a change. She knew she would lose the fight if it came down to trying to out-think him.

But she had to try and get through to him. She would stop him regardless of what it would take to do so. Reaching into the bag hooked around her waist, she drew one of the capsules and briefly glanced in to see which of her 'mon it was, keeping her opponent in sight at all time. She observed him doing the exact same, sight upon her at all time even when checking his 'mon about to be sent into battle. She suppressed a smile when he briefly tossed the container into the air, allowing it to spin like he did before all this.

Even if someone entered, these two were alone in the world. Nothing else mattered, the world had melted away quietly between them, the immediate battle ready to start the second one made their move.

The Wandering Trainers, A.D vs Cynthia, engaged each other without another thought...


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