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Oh you teaser you...

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Two red eyes stared in horror upon the unfolding scene, watching as barrage after barrage tore the planet surface apart. Cities once tall and proud bore little resistance as they simply crumbled from the orbital bombardment, oceans once clear polluted by various contaminants once kept apart from each other by the now destroyed lands. The skies themselves weren't safe from the assault, the kicked up debris blocking any view from above or below.

They continued bombardment, the creatures in the large, innumerable metal containers. They would grab another large chunk from the nearby belt and turn it upon the planet they once coexisted with, destroying everything around it once it hit. It wouldn't be long before the once blue planet would be inhospitable for life upon it, not that there would be any left upon it to notice once the destruction was finished. The worst part was the silence, only seeing a flash as another and another was sent to stab the lands.

The eyes turned away, unable to bear watching the home they once had become nothing more then a broken shell. The eyes once protected that world, but now they had a hand in the destruction of the world so cherished. They never turned back as two new ships circled the escaping spacecraft, ensuring their safety should they be noticed. The creatures were brutal, vicious, targeting all that weren't them or weren't fit to fight: it had been seen that any damaged ship of theirs would be destroyed by the rest, whether it was to prevent capture or just to get them out the way, it was unknown.

A green flash occurred in front of the vessel the eyes rode in. It was clear they had received the coordinates for the safest path from the planet to the nearest refuge camps within the held sections of the galaxy: they would be safe from the onslaught of the monsters for the time being. The eyes cast one last look to the planet before the ship carried them away: out of a population of 9.4 billion, only 1.5 million had been saved. The rest were being killed outright, without mercy, upon the surface. They would not be allowed to get away with this: they will pay for this atrocity...


And for a good friend of mine...

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  1. Gama's Avatar
    Can't wait!
  2. Pride's Avatar
    Nice job :D Seems pretty cool
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