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  1. Second Helpings?

    by , 29th December 2012 at 05:47 PM
    Both stared each other down. He, above her on his pedestal, anger and hatred seeping from him despite the emotionless glaze across his face. Her, rising to his challenge, ready to bring him down from his high horse and stop this madness. She knew what might be needed to be done, but hoped, really and truly hoped, that she wouldn't have to lose another one close to her.

    His eyes looked blank, but behind them he fumed, angry at the world that had screwed him over first chance it could ...
  2. Oh you teaser you...

    by , 16th December 2012 at 04:20 PM
    Two red eyes stared in horror upon the unfolding scene, watching as barrage after barrage tore the planet surface apart. Cities once tall and proud bore little resistance as they simply crumbled from the orbital bombardment, oceans once clear polluted by various contaminants once kept apart from each other by the now destroyed lands. The skies themselves weren't safe from the assault, the kicked up debris blocking any view from above or below.

    They continued bombardment, the creatures ...