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A Prologue To An Idea

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Boys VS. Girls

Summary: Pulling pranks, trying to make a point? Going n and on in a fight, between Boys and Girls? In school, at home? What more could go wrong?

Rated: PG

Warnings: Not much… Just for comedy! ;) Oh but MAYBE I will put in some swear words… If that’s the case they’ll be censored… (I can’t write G rated stories sorry… Not good at those)

Shipping(s): Um… Pearlshipping, Orangeshipping, Questshipping, Contestishipping, Rocketshipping, Cheekyshipping, Gary x Leona, JohtoFestashipping… (They are only shown in the end)


Genre: Comedy/ Friendship

(Copyright) I don’t own pokemon or the lyrics to some songs… I only own the school and all that other detailed clothing/ places stuff…

Prologue: (May’s POV)

It was just another normal day, I sighed, that meant another un-normal thing would happen… Ops, forgot to introduce myself! My name is May Maple, a brunette with sapphire emerald eyes. I wear my school uniform, a white t-shirt that has buttons, and a gray tie around its collar. A purple short skirt that has blue thin stripes running around it, vertically and horizontally. White knees socks that have purple lines at the top of them. Finally, I wear plain white running shoes. This is what every other female at my school wears.

I got out of bed to head downstairs; my stairs were carpeted in red with wooden railings. I sat at the white kitchens glass table; and I placed a black placemat down in my spot. I went to the black wooden cupboards to get out some lucky charms. You know those marshmallow filled boxes of cardboard. This is what my brother and me eat, even though I try to tell my parents to get something else, little brothers always win.

I sat there and ate my breakfast; no one else was up yet so it was peaceful for a little while. Then my dad, whose name is Norman, stepped into the kitchen. He had a purple sweater on and purple pants, his hair and eyes were purple. What can I say, nothing special about him, except the fact he has a stupid Elvis hair cut. We tried to tell him to change it, but he just loves ruining my reputation…

“How’s it going sweetie?” He asked. Stupid question, my day just started!
“Fine…” I simply answered.

I finished my bowl and got my backpack on to head out. I always left early to avoid my family and the lame jokes. I’d go to the mall with my friends then go to school. I’d laugh at my brother for being late, and talk to my friends… It’s always the same…

“Hey, May, have you seen Misty?” A voice asked. It was my best friend, Dawn. She had the same outfit as everyone else, accept she took the tie off outside of school and wears a light purple sweater over the shirt. She has blue hair and sapphire shining eyes.

“I haven’t seen her yet…” I replied.
“Of course you haven’t… I’m trying to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble with the guys again…” She sighed.
“I’m sure she is,” I laughed.

“Your on! We’ll have a pranking war between boys and girls! First one to back out loses, last ones standing win! The losers can’t prank the winners for the rest of high school!” Misty explained. Misty was our other friend who wore the uniform how I did. Only her hair was red and tied up in a side ponytail… Her eyes were the same as mine though!

“Misty, what’d you get us into this time?” Dawn sighed.
“Didn’t you hear? It’s a prank war,” I repeated.
“Yea… Well, let’s head to school…” Dawn muttered.

***At School***

Our teacher was Mrs. Jenny. She wore blue skinny jeans, a light blue tank top, and golden sandals… Oh, and she has blue hair with some spikes and blue eyes. She is our homeroom teacher and teaches us MST (Math Science and Technology). But she’s not in the classroom yet…

“Hey, ladies, who would like some of this?” Asked Gary the supposed “Womanizer”. He wears the guy’s uniform, which is like the girls, only it has black pants and white ankle socks. Also, he’s a brunette like me but with emerald eyes.

“No one wants you Gary!” Misty yelled. That gave Dawn and I a laugh.
“Oh really? Come tell that to my face!” He yelled back. Misty got up to go yell at him. However, when she started walking, she fell… On a banana peel! I burst out laughing at her for literally FALLING for the oldest trick in the book. Yea I know lame joke…

“Is that the best you could do? Drop a banana peel?” Dawn teased.
“Nope, it’s just the beginning!” Gary laughed.
“Oh is it? So you guys do have bigger brains then that!” Dawn exclaimed.
“Yep, and we have bigger brains then girls!” Gary replied.
“Well, if that’s the case can you quickly help me with your big brain on a question before class?” Dawn asked. Gary got his math book and headed to her desk but fell on his own prank. We burst out laughing again at this.
“Ops, I did all my homework, looks like I didn’t need your small forgetful brains help anyways!” Dawn laughed.
“This means war,” Gary yelled.
“Whoa, Gary, your stupid enough to fall for your own prank!” I heard a classmate yell out.

“I hope you like eating banana’s Dawn Berlitz!” My brother stepped in with his green eyes and dark green hair. He had one of his old water guns filled with mashed up bananas. So that’s where the fruit part went? Anyways he started squirting it at Dawn.

“Ha, that’s my little womanizer!” Cheered Gary. Hey, he’s my brother! Not your womanizer! That’s it! I ran over and snatched Max’s banana gun and shot it at Gary.
“He’s my brother you little banana!” I screamed and got him covered in banana. When I saw the teacher coming I put the toy in Gary’s hands and aimed it at Dawn, then I ran to my desk. Max did the same…

“Hello class-ah! Gary, did you use banana sauce to get Dawn after falling on Misty?” Mrs. Jenny asked. I burst out laughing, it sounded better than I thought it would.
“He sure did!” We all said.
“He was actually trying to kiss Misty,” Dawn said. That was even better!
“Gary! To principles office! NOW!” Mrs. Jenny demanded.
“A new record huh Mr. Prankster? Before school even started?” Dawn taunted.
“Dawn Berlitz! Stop teasing him! I should see no more banana fights; I want you cleaned up when I get back! Now go to the washroom!” Mrs. Jenny ordered. Talk about a strict teacher?

When they left I just innocently opened my textbook as if I was studying. I wanted nothing to do with it, nor did I want to get on her bad side.

“May, we didn’t even get you yet,” teased one of the boys. I was busy staring pointlessly at my textbook.

“Go jump in the sky first!” I said.
“Or, you could jump in my arms, you know you like me,” the voice taunted.
“I wouldn’t want anything to do with you!”

A/N: Well, it’s a short prologue… But if you like it then leave comments, if you have things to say that aren’t mean, review! I eat reviews so shoot!

Signed: Sea Princess627 (the author hoping to make good stories)

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