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HELP ME!!! I have two issues!

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I have two issues today… Issue one: I think my bathroom door is haunted… Issue Two: Help me! I’m stuck between two jealousies! WHY ME!!! I’m going to explain in paragraphs, if you are un-interested in one. You can skip, but please HELP ME!!!

Issue One: I walked downstairs last night to have a glass of water… My kitchen is by a hallway and the bathroom door… There are no windows by that area. I was kind of afraid since I’m scared of the dark. T_T So I put on the sinks light so I could see well. I watched the bathroom door thinking something was going to come out… My thoughts: Oh god, please don’t scare me. Few seconds later I finished my water and I kept staring at the door. Then I heard a creak from the bathroom and the door started opening. I saw no one there but I did see this shadow come out! I’m not making this up the light was still on! I got so freaked out I ran up to my bedroom. I even saw my dog’s cage door opening and closing. I swear I thought it was dream until I pinched myself and a little too hard… I was awake…

Issue Two: I have this friend (story nickname: 1) that was in grade six, she had another friend (story nickname: 2) who had another friend (story nickname: 3)… I became friends with them and enjoyed the conversations. I thought and everyone thought 1 and 2 were best friends. Then I came a little closer to 3 and so in the morning me and 3 sat and talked… Then one day (few days ago) 1 and 2 were getting competitive. I noticed they were always trying to talk to me at the same time!!! That and they tried to get me to sit next to them all the time… One day I sat with 1 and she told me that 2 was being bossy and talked odd, she said they were great friends but not now. Apparently they both want to be friends with me but both want a lot of attention. 1 even told me to stop sitting by 2 ‘cause 2 was being a little “mean”. I felt bad and today I kind of agreed. =( But now they still both compete for me!!! I don’t understand why we can’t all be friends but I’m sure I’ll get talked to by 2 sometime and hear about 1… 3 is not in this but I was told to stop sitting with her as well! I hate this!!!! HELP ME!!!

Sorry for the big blah but I really do need help! (I care more about issue 2 so please reply!)

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  1. Pancake-chan's Avatar
    in situation #2 (didn't read the first, I can't help with haunted doors lmao) I think you shouldn't take sides. you should just tell them "I'm not going to get involved" in their conflict/disagreement/argument/whatever you wanna call it. if you want to keep them both as friends, then you should let them sort it out, or at least take a neutral standpoint. even if you can't hang out with both at the same time anymore, you'll still have them both.
    you could probably tell them both that you just want everyone to get along if you'd like them to know how you feel about their feud.

    though if they're all young teenagers, it won't be so easy for them to get over whatever their problems are. that's kind of a hard age to deal with... everyone's a drama llama. ~__~
  2. ChinYao's Avatar
    How do you not get involved if you're the object they seem to be fighting over =o?

    Anyways--I say go with 3. If they are telling you not to hang out with 3 for no reason really, and 3 is not pressuring you at all, they need to get over their argument and you should just stick to 3 until they do. Yup.


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