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I don't usually do bandwagons but movies...

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by , 6th September 2012 at 11:16 PM (328 Views)
Found this on Synthesis' blog and thought it would be a cool exercise.

Your Favorite Film: The Silence of the Lambs
Your Least Favorite Film: Tough call between Chicago, Lost in Translation and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. These three movies are awful.
A Film You Watch and Cry: Casablanca or Moulin Rouge!
A Film That Reminds You of Someone: Love and Death by Woody Allen
A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere: Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn
A Film That Reminds You of Your Past: Spice World (I am not even ashamed of it)
The Film You Can Quote Best: The Fifth Element
A Film With Your Favorite Actor: Brick with Joseph Gordon-Levitt
A Film With Your Favorite Actress: The Hours with Meryl Streep
A Film By Your Favorite Director: Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky
A Film By Your Least Favorite Director: Memoirs of a Geisha by Rob Marshall.
A Guilty Pleasure: The two Mortal Kombat movies. In English, they're so bad it's brilliant, but the French version takes it to another level by actually not even bother translating some words like "Animality". XD
The Film That No One Expected You To Like: American Beauty I was like 14 when I saw it and everyone thought I would hate it, but I was blown away.
The Film That Depicts Your Life:
A Film You Used to Love, But Now Hate: The Matrix I don't hate it, but it didn't age well and the end of the trilogy was a bit of a letdown.
Your Favorite Drama Film: Casablanca
Your Favorite Comedy Film: Zoolander
Your Favorite Action Film: The Dark Knight
Your Favorite Romantic Film: (500) Days of Summer with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoey Deschanel, closely followed by Love Actually
Your Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film: The Empire Strikes Back
Your Favorite Horror Film: Session 9 Horror film with David Caruso that's actually good... not well known, but worth the see.
Your Favorite Thriller/Mystery Film: The Big Sleep with Bogart and Bacall
Your Favorite Animated or Children’s Film: Spirited Away
Your Favorite Documentary Film: The September Issue Anna Wintour and her crazy world never ceases to entertain me.
Your Favorite Foreign Language Film: El laberinto del fauno by Guillermo del Toro
Your Favorite Independent Film: The Saddest Music in the World with Isabella Rossellini
The Most Obscure Film You’ve Ever Seen: A Spanish film, Fermat's Room, the story of a killer that kills with mathemathics (Strangely better than it sounds)
Your Favorite Film As a Kid: Aladdin
Your Favorite Christmas Film: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Your Favorite Musical: Moulin Rouge!
Your Favorite Film Released This Year: The Avengers

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  1. Paperhorse's Avatar
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    Love Actually is one of my favorites too!
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
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    I thought Lost in Translation was really good. I agree with you about Zoolander and American Beauty, though.


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