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Vacation's where I wanna be~

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by , 26th January 2010 at 10:13 AM (260 Views)
I had already mentioned this in my shop, but just to leave it somewhere noticeable...

I will be absent from January 30th to about February 15th. From January 30th to February 5th I might be around, you know, answering some comments, doing a few requests, but from February 6th to 15th I will not be able to touch my computer. Hope you understand :3

Anyone who gets the reference in this post's title gets a cupcake! :3

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  1. Eliana Rampage's Avatar
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    I <3 THAT SONG. Nostalgiaaaaaa <3
  2. Aori's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliana Rampage
    I <3 THAT SONG. Nostalgiaaaaaa <3
    Yesss cupcake for you! XDD
    I remember it was one of the first soundtracks I ever bought... I still have it in my iPod and listen to it <333
  3. Eliana Rampage's Avatar
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    DFHSDKJF SAME HERE!! the music is so like....neo-90s and wonderful and <3


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