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New Christmas Un-theme

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by , 30th November 2011 at 08:20 PM (228 Views)
... it's called an un-theme because it really really doesn't match at all. Or should I call it atheme? Distheme?

Featuring a lame Umbreon I drew myself and OHEMGEE I WONDER WHO THAT GIRL IS!

It's amazing how a person who makes graphics all freaking day cannot seem to make a signature and matching avatar for herself. And for Christmas, even! My favorite time of the year!!

I just didn't want to start off December with a Halloween theme still. It was too outdated. So I will keep thinking ideas... I want something Christmassy and Pokémony... but all the Pokémon I seem to like (Umbreon, Banette, Gothorita) are very Halloweeny. I'm in a pinch here XD Help me think up a theme? Or is it fine as-is?

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar
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    That is a pretty amazing signature. And avatar.
    Nice one, Aori!
  2. Serenity's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Your banner is so pretty! *_*

    Maybe Make a "Halloween on Christmas" type of theme?
  3. Aori's Avatar
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    • permalink
    @Claude Rains thank you so much!! :D

    @Octy thank you!! it's a good idea! It's just that I like Christmas so much, I want a just-christmas theme xD but it's fitting, given the Pokémon I mentioned :P
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    It looks great as-is. You take such good pics. x3


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