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My Halloween

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Fun fact: did you know I JUST realized this year that Halloween is pronounced Hallo-WEEN? Yeah, took me long enough. I always went like HALL-oween. I don't know why...

But anyway, yeah! About my Halloween! :D

I was having some problems deciding my costume. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to be.

This had rarely happened to me before -- I really like Halloween and I am usually very adamant about my costumes. I like something, I get it, that's it.

But this year I was like OMG WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOO

First I wanted to be a zombie. But I would have to alter an already-made costume (such as, nurse, for example), and turn it zombie-ish. It was too much of a hassle. And surely, I could do better.

Then I wanted a Peach (from Mario Bros.) costume, but my boyfriend said it wouldn't do. After all, no-one knows who Peach is in Argentina (err, we don't have enough money for videogames, LOL). Certainly nobody in my group would recognize me.

Then I thought, well, why not Mario? That's more iconic. I went into Party City to but it, and only size medium was left...

Yeah, no luck. I was so depressed. I even got to thinking, what the heck, I'm not dressing up this Halloween. How could that EVER cross my mind? Me missing a holiday?! How could this ever be!!?!

Then I strolled by Claire's and saw the big poster for Halloween, which had a girl dressed as a skeleton.



I'm going to be the creepiest skeleton in the world. I'm going to creep everyone out. YES, THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO DO.

I fell in love with the skeleton tights they were selling at Claire's, and they were even having a Buy one Get one free sale, so I just bought up the whole store. You may not be able to see it in my costume because my hair just ate my accessories, but I even had glow in the dark full skeleton earrings.

So, meet Skull Kid! (any gamer will get this reference)

(my boyfriend is the Angry Bird)
(my skirt was so short...)

Yeah, my costume has nothing to do with Majora's Mask. But I liked calling myself the "Skull Kid" because it has a nice ring to it.

I drank a lot that night. We were a party of about 10 people - really boring if you ask me, but we were all friends so we had a good time. We should have gone out dancing afterwards, but with a few drinks up in my head, I began to feel so tired. And we were all drunk and tired so... we went home at about 3 A.M. Such party animals, I know! *rolls eyes*
(little cultural note: here in Argentina, we usually party until the sunrises... EVERY WEEKEND. Yeah, so 3 AM is NOTHING!)

I had so much make-up on, removing it wasn't even funny.
(hope the video works)
And here we have a video in which I think I am taking a picture of myself and suddenly realize I was filming myself. You can see my "oh, I'm an idiot" expression in my eyes for a second there.

For some reason, I didn't take any GOOD pictures with a GOOD camera that night. I was running late to the party, so I rushed and didn't stop for pics at my house. I feel so sorry about it now. All that make-up and no good picture to make up for it (unintentional pun there).

Last gratuitous pics:

Before you ask, yeah, back-combing my waist-long hair is the most painful thing I have ever gotten done in my life. ...restoring it back to normal, that was self-torture right there. I had crazy amounts of hairspray on, too, because otherwise my hair tends to weight itself down.

Not pretty!! at all! At least I cut my hair shorter now. I feel so much lighter.

So yeah, that's it. What was your HalloWEEN like? :P

PS: Just for fun, my whole outfit rundown...
Tights, skirt, bloody skeletal hand-shaped barrettes, skeleton earrings, false spider lashes ~ Claire's
Altered boy's size t-shirt ~ Wallmart
Arm warmers ~ Spirit of Halloween
Spiky silver ring, heels ~ Forever 21

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  1. Space Opera's Avatar

  2. Aori's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanical Songbird

    Thank you so so much!!! :D I'm glad you think so!

    Most people I knew were just like, "O_O how could you do that to yourself?!". I guess peeps in Argentina don't appreciate "scary" costumes D:
  3. Space Opera's Avatar
    It's incredible! I don't see many people over here in the UK dressing up to that extent. D:
  4. tyler212's Avatar
    Should have went as a Sexy Nurse... and no skirt is too short

    But nice costume anyways
  5. Aori's Avatar
    @Mechanical Songbird same here in Argentina D: most people don't celebrate Halloween because it's what they say "an American holiday" (I actually don't know where the tradition started, but yeah, this is what they usually say here, they're so silly...). And if they do, they don't usually dress up too seriously either. Nobody at the party could believe I went that far XD;

    @tyler212 thank you! But, I think I see Halloween as an excuse to dress up scarily, which you can't get to do the rest of the year :P so that's why I didn't go for nurse!
  6. Space Opera's Avatar
    That is pretty silly. I've heard people say that it's an American holiday here, too, but I don't see any reason why other countries can't celebrate it - it's an excuse to dress up and scare people, what's not to like? I guess it would be kinda weird that everybody around you didn't take it so seriously, but good for you for taking it that far. :')
  7. Pyradox's Avatar

  8. Aori's Avatar
    @Mechanical Songbird I know! I also think it's a great holiday because it somehow teaches you to ridicule fears. I mean, dressing up as the things you fear most makes you realize you shouldn't be so scared of them. I really like that aspect :P and also, the scaring! XD haha. Did you dress up?
  9. Aori's Avatar
    @Pyradox: thank you so so much!!! I'm so glad you do :D! And, that's a pity :( what kind of competition did you have to assist?
  10. Space Opera's Avatar
    I just mostly like scaring people. ^^;
    I was actually planning to dress as a zombified Morty, but I couldn't get any hair dye in time, so I couldn't do it.. D:
  11. Pyradox's Avatar
    @Aori It was a very time-compressed "little" challenge about the world. I didn't want to qualify think my team would qualify for this round, but somehow we did. I was then forced to miss Halloween. D:

    I was semi-seriously considering having a party after we got back for the friends that qualified too, but that sort of fell through...

    @Mechanical Songbird That actually sounds really cool. I would've wanted to see photos of that...
  12. Serperiority's Avatar
    Did you buy these in Florida? Because I was all, wait, there's all these stores in Argentina?
  13. Aori's Avatar
    @Serperiority yup, everything was bought in Florida. Here in Argentina we don't have that many stores, we're very poor xD (I wish I was kidding about this, LOL)


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