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  1. 197

    as of right now, I have 197 posts...

    which is special, 'cause...

    197 is the number of my favorite poké! UMBREON!

    and that's it. yes, that was quite silly. sorry XD
  2. My shop is open :3

    And I love requests! If you don't know me, I do banners... avatars... manga re-coloring... some drawing if you need it, too... anyways, there's always something for you at my shop!

    Please visit! Thank you

    Updated 28th September 2010 at 01:32 PM by Aori

    shop pimpin'
  3. high-sea adventure

    I'm back! ... kinda. Well, at least i'm still in one piece. and now i have internet. Buutttt my shop won't open 'til february 17th, 'cause that's when i'm REALLY gonna be home. Wanna sit back and hear a story?

    I recently went on a disney cruise aboard the Disney Magic. And it was all going OK until the final night, when it got really really windy and the waves were like 4 meters tall and we had to leave for Port Canaveral. Soooooo the ship decided not to ever go out, after a few attempts. ...
  4. Vacation's where I wanna be~

    I had already mentioned this in my shop, but just to leave it somewhere noticeable...

    I will be absent from January 30th to about February 15th. From January 30th to February 5th I might be around, you know, answering some comments, doing a few requests, but from February 6th to 15th I will not be able to touch my computer. Hope you understand :3

    Anyone who gets the reference in this post's title gets a cupcake! :3

    Yes, random. But look what I got today at Walmart!

    DUSKULL PLUSHIE! AND IT WAS ABOUT 2 DOLLARS! It was on super-sale and I felt bad for the poor thing. Who wouldn't want a Duskull plushie?! IT'S SO CUTE! *spazzes all around*
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