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  1. Pokémon Facebook Application

    Hey there guys!
    I know this is advertising, but it's my blog, so there! xDD

    My boyfriend just made me a little suprise! (lol bear with me, keep reading, I promise I'm not going to talk about my bf xD). He made a Facebook Application called "Daily Pokémon", which you can use to post pics of Pokémon on your wall! It's currently got 251 Pokémon that appear at random! My bf isn't even a Pokémon fan, so this was a big surprise XDD It would really help ...
  2. How would you feel about a Pokémon Graphics website?

    Yeah, basically, I'd like to know if it'd catch on. I'm not talking about a graphics request site... rather, something that offers renders (transparent .pngs), headers, layouts, I dunno, random stuff to use in MySpace/forums/your own site. What do you think?
  3. Avatars for you! ~Freebies~

    Of course, the name "freebie" is kinda metaphorical... I don't charge for making graphics so, logically, all of my graphics are freebies. But what I meant is that I did plain, text-free avatars for you (yes you sir/miss!) to grab. I will be making more of them~ Maybe manlier ones, while I'm at that.


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  4. Photoshop-ing around

    I've opened Photoshop today to make a new "signature/advertisement" for my shop, seeing as it has been kind of empty. I have to be honest, I kinda like the sig... but it's weird.

    "Wonderland" is hard to make out... but I like it that way... I usually do artsy-popsy-weird stuff with Photoshop, lol. If it doesn't fit in any of those categories, then it's cutesy.

    I've also uploaded a new profile ...

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  5. Multi-Aori

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