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Deck The Halls Project

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Warning: this post is not for non-festive people. If you truly do not like Christmas, avert your eyes.

Well guys...

Yipee yee! Yipee yay!

So, did you start your preparations? Have you decked your halls yet? :D

My decorations are underway!

When it comes to Christmas, I can be a bit of a crazy person. Maybe it's because I have little sisters, so we always keep the spirit alive. However, it's not really common to celebrate like I do, at least not in my country.

I mean, sure, we do celebrate Christmas, after all, it's all we have in Argentina... given that we pay no attention to Halloween, Valentine's, Harvest season... we have no Thanksgiving, of course, and our Easter is usually very boring (no decorations or scavenger hunt, though it's still a holiday). So the only excuse to spruce up your house is Christmas. barely...

Given these AWFUL conditions I have to live in, I have to make my house the jolliest in the neighbourhood. Heck, make that, ALL Argentina. It's my way of coping with the lack of holiday spirit *sniff* please try to understand.

We also get to be in Christmas while it's summer here. Yeah, I know. I was just born in the wrong side of the world. So while all -or most- of you guys will be wearing knitted sweaters, I will be dying from the heat in a tank top and a skirt. It's totally not Christmassy.


To make up for it,
I will deck my halls with the most boughs of holly I can manage to find in this sad country in which decorations are expensive, and there are no craft stores (No Michaels! How can I live without a Michaels!).

Gaze upon the abilities you never thought I had:


And also kirigami, if we want to get picky.
That's the latest picture I have, but I also made two more of the kirigami stars (the big silver and red one), two more origami stack-up trees, and I think one or two more modular stars.

I've been also making some "simple", one-paper origami.

On the other hand, while I'm not very good at crafting, while I was in the States last month I bought a huge craft pack from Michaels. (I love that store)
This is what I've been doing lately with it:

Did you know you can actually get hurt from chenille pipe-cleaners? Guys, I had to freakin' bandage my finger because of those things. Err... ok, maybe it's because I'm no good with crafts. But it really hurt.

My desktop is a mess right now. I have no space left to put Christmas stuff in. Oh well! I'll get it all out December First, when I start decorating.

What about you guys? How do you celebrate? When will you start decorating? Or, won't you?

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  1. Lord Aizen's Avatar
    spoiler! must click it.
    wooh. pretty.
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Cool XDD That looks like an awesome piece of work. I used to make all sorts of decorations for Christmas, but for the past few years, I became the Santa of our house and it's up to me to get the presents XDD


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