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Battle Hall

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I got really lucky when looking for a female Lanturn/Chinchou to breed and found one with 31IV in Special Defense, and now I have a pretty good Lanturn, maxed in SpD, with 50 EV SpA, 100 Def, and the rest in HP. Currently Lv 49
Ice Beam, Hail (to take out Shedinja, tricky bastards), Thunderbolt, and Surf. Holding Choice Specs.

First round I took out Ground with relative ease, then Grass in the second round. Third was Ghost and fourth was Bug, to remove possibility of any future sighting of Shedinja. Fifth was Poison, which has a lot of Grass types in it, and then Hall Matron's Solrock. Solrock attacked first with Earthquake, leaving Lanturn with 34 HP. Lanturn's Surf hit for the kill.

I'm unsure if I should ditch Hail now in favor of Signal Beam, to take out Psychic and Dark. The chances of the Matron having a Shedinja is very small, but still possible. I'm also unsure if I should swap out the held item at an point.

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