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  1. Thanks.

    Okay, so, the 24th and 25th are a very special day for me.

    November 24th marks my two month relationship with my girlfriend.
    We met at my sister's birthday party on October 24th. Its too bad we wont be able to celebrate it together, as my family and I are traveling out of state to visit some family members in Las Vegas, Nevada. :( Which brings me too my next point...

    I gotta go visit my grandma.
    My grandmother's very ill. I haven't seen
  2. 'bout my pokemon game history

    My first pokemon game ive ever played was pokemon crystal was i was seven, or eight. My older brother was playing it so started playing it. i got really addicted to it and statred playing other pokemon games. so far, ive completed pokemon Crystal, LeafGreen, Pearl, and Emerald in that exact order. Im hoping to add Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver to my collection of completed pokemon games when it comes out in the US. I cant wait until its realeased, i have a good feeling its gonna be ...