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  1. Canterbuiry College Kent Animal Management 2009 yeh!!

    Well i have now officially started my course at college and so far things are going great.
    I will be covering all kinds of topics including Handling and Husbandry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and more.
    Only downside over this week?
    a boring health and safety qualification that goes on top of the main one
    Ah well, next week assignments start coming in pretty damn quick and then, as a certain collector once said, things are going to get interesting.
  2. Will Adams Festuval

    Today i will be attending the Will Adams Japanese festival in Gillingham Kent
    i will post a full update of what i saw and did later today but there will be dncing traditional crafts and so on
  3. Platuinum Event

    So i ask my mum to go to my local Game store to find out the nearest one taking part in the event, and they say they will phone back.
    After a little bit of hunting i found a list of them on their website
    unfortunately tomorrow is the last day and the nearest on is about 200 miles away in Birghton.
    So i am rather annoyed at Game right now as if they had called back after we asked that would have been Monday and i could have found one closer and easier to get to
    as it ...