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Seriously, whaat...

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I was doing some random matches in PBR with my newest team, when I was put against one trainer with a team full of Eeveevolutions. My all previous Eevee-trainers, which I've encountered with, haven't been too hard to knock out. Usually I've just smashed them all down with Mamoswine's Earthquake. So I basically didn't except anything from him...

... but what happened then? He owned me badly! Okay, I suffered from the most horrible confusion hax ever (double battle, both of my Pokémon were confused 4 turns and only attacked themselves) and without it I could have probably won him, but anyway he won and it was a fair game. He was awesome and took a nice advantage from my bad confusion luck by Calm Minding with Espeon and then Psych Uping its stats changes with Umbreon.

Just note to myself, never underestimate trainers with just Eeveevolutions ever again :D.

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