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The Shiny Rock

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by , 17th March 2011 at 05:30 AM (326 Views)
I had decided to learn how to RNG Abuse in the wild.

I wanted to catch the Regi Trio and their King, so I decided to go for Regirock first.
With the help of a friend, I started to get the hang of it
I grabbed the balls I wanted to capture Regirock in, headed to Rock Peak Ruins and went though my cycle of soft resettin' and tryin' to hit my target delay.

After hours of tryin' I finally hit it, did the RNG advancements, talked to the statue, and it finally appeared!

It stood there, waitin' to be battled. I got it's HP down to the red zone, and started throwin' . Durin' the battle, it became a Physical Sweeper xD Eventually I ran out D: All 40 balls were gone U___U
I simply restarted and tried again, I wanted Regirock to be caught in a Repeat Ball 'cause I thought it looked awesome in it
So I hit the delay again, and started the battle, I threw Repeat balls until I only had 1 left. I threw my last one, it shook once, twice, thrice...... NOOOooooo! It broke free and used Struggle

I tried again, again, and again. And failed to capture it -.- It seemed impossible to capture it, no matter how many times I put it to sleep, it always busted out of the ball.....

Now, this time, I stocked up on 50 Repeat Balls. I entered the battle yet again. I knocked it's HP until it had 1 HP left *gulp* I started puttin' it to sleep and throwin' balls at it.
I only had 12 balls left :O I threw my 11th ball, it shook once, it shook twice, it shook thrice.....

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