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Gen IV Shiny Encounters &/or RNGed

All my Gen IV Shiny Encounters and RNGed projects!

  1. The Dazzling Monster that Hatched From the Egg!

    Yesterday before I went to bed, I went through my PC on Platinum, realizing that I had a lot of Mystery Eggs.

    I decided to grab 2 in the first row of my Egg collection. Thought that I should hatch and get rid of these fodder
    Also grabbed 4 Fire-Types with the Blaze ability.

    After drivin' around 3952 steps, the first Egg hatched.

    To my surprise


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    Gen IV Shiny Encounters &/or RNGed
  2. The Shiny Rock

    I had decided to learn how to RNG Abuse in the wild.

    I wanted to catch the Regi Trio and their King, so I decided to go for Regirock first.
    With the help of a friend, I started to get the hang of it
    I grabbed the balls I wanted to capture Regirock in, headed to Rock Peak Ruins and went though my cycle of soft resettin' and tryin' to hit my target delay.

    After hours of tryin' I finally hit it, did the RNG advancements, talked to the statue, and ...

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    Gen IV Shiny Encounters &/or RNGed
  3. Another Wild Shiny!

    So I was EV trainin' in my 3rd Pokemon game, HeartGold. Was preparin' for Bulbagarden's 2010 'Yankee Swap' tourney. I decided to change one of my Pokemon's EVs, and decided to get started ASAP, the tourney was startin' in the next 25 min.!

    I drove into Ice Cave in Blackthorn City, and started battlin' Pokes that gave me Speed EVs.
    After 8 battles a level 22

    appeared! ...
  4. First RNGed Eggs

    I remember after finally gettin' a hold of my SID, I tried to RNG my first Egg :D

    Now you see, this takes place after a struggle on tryin' to figure out my SID (with a Shiny that I got off of GTS xD) and a lot of failed attempts at gettin' a Shiny Egg.

    I was so excited to get a hold of my SID, so the first thing I did the very next day was RNG a Shiny Egg in my Platinum game.
    I did the steps carefully, made sure I counted the Poketch 'Happiness Checker' jumps ...
  5. First Shiny Encounter!

    So there I was testin' out the Poke Radar in Pearl for the very first time, such good memories

    After runnin' into 5 battles, a Shiny popped up! =D

    I had 25x

    Knocked the Machoke's HP down to the yellow zone, and started nailin' balls at it >:D It kept doin' Submission, I kept throwin' ...

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    Gen IV Shiny Encounters &/or RNGed