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Another Wild Shiny!

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by , 15th March 2011 at 07:08 PM (396 Views)
So I was EV trainin' in my 3rd Pokemon game, HeartGold. Was preparin' for Bulbagarden's 2010 'Yankee Swap' tourney. I decided to change one of my Pokemon's EVs, and decided to get started ASAP, the tourney was startin' in the next 25 min.!

I drove into Ice Cave in Blackthorn City, and started battlin' Pokes that gave me Speed EVs.
After 8 battles a level 22

appeared! I was so excited! Now, this time I came prepared, I wasn't gonna fail and let this wild Shiny slip though my fingers >:|
So I threw x5 at it, it broke free..... I threw another one at it, the ball shook once, twice, thrice..... CLICK! I successfully caught my first, second wild Shiny encounter

And now, she remains in my PC box, shining like a new found Emerald

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    CONGRATS! ^^


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