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  1. Glad to be Back!

    Well, after a long wait, I'm happy to see the BMGF is back!

    You guys did awesome on the update, the new look, the Twitter and FaceBook add-ons (created a Twitter account just so I can use it xD), and the new logo (though is it possible for the picture to be higher quality?).

    There are some little kinks that need to be worked out (the smilies and the usergroup smilies), but it's all awesome in the end.

    Well, hope to continue to have a great time here, take care ...

    Updated 27th May 2011 at 09:00 AM by GameCodeTrainer

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  2. They Day I Got White


    So I was surfin' the internet, my big bro came home, tellin' me that the store didn't have Pokemon White and that they sold the copy I reserved D: Right after he told me that he pulled out the game 0.0 He had me there for a sec.

    He fooled my lil' bro too (he got Black of course) lol

    So we both ripped off the plastic that was wrapped 'round the game cover, took the cartridge, turned on and selected the game at the same time

    Updated 17th April 2011 at 07:51 AM by GameCodeTrainer

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  3. The Dazzling Monster that Hatched From the Egg!

    Yesterday before I went to bed, I went through my PC on Platinum, realizing that I had a lot of Mystery Eggs.

    I decided to grab 2 in the first row of my Egg collection. Thought that I should hatch and get rid of these fodder
    Also grabbed 4 Fire-Types with the Blaze ability.

    After drivin' around 3952 steps, the first Egg hatched.

    To my surprise


    Updated 18th March 2011 at 07:56 AM by GameCodeTrainer

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  4. The Shiny Rock

    I had decided to learn how to RNG Abuse in the wild.

    I wanted to catch the Regi Trio and their King, so I decided to go for Regirock first.
    With the help of a friend, I started to get the hang of it
    I grabbed the balls I wanted to capture Regirock in, headed to Rock Peak Ruins and went though my cycle of soft resettin' and tryin' to hit my target delay.

    After hours of tryin' I finally hit it, did the RNG advancements, talked to the statue, and ...

    Updated 17th March 2011 at 08:31 AM by GameCodeTrainer

    Gen IV Shiny Encounters &/or RNGed
  5. Another Wild Shiny!

    So I was EV trainin' in my 3rd Pokemon game, HeartGold. Was preparin' for Bulbagarden's 2010 'Yankee Swap' tourney. I decided to change one of my Pokemon's EVs, and decided to get started ASAP, the tourney was startin' in the next 25 min.!

    I drove into Ice Cave in Blackthorn City, and started battlin' Pokes that gave me Speed EVs.
    After 8 battles a level 22

    appeared! ...
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