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Question Time With Gallevoir

I'll use this Blog to post thoughts and things to do with my various fanfictions.
Horrible description. I know. Soz

  1. Fakémon Ideas

    This is a list of Fakémon which I have come up with. The stuff in brackets is how to evolve them. Unless its an evolution or pre-evolution of a previous Pokémon, in that case it comes after the description.

    Nix (level 16)/Mersee (level 36)/Seanix-Water/Psychic starter

    Verdry (level 16)/Bowtree (level 36)/Mossad-Grass/Ghost starter

    Pheoflame (level 16)/Plumare (level 36)/Crame-Fire/Flying starter

    Bellbee (Level 7)/Coclog (Level 15)/Mandibell-Bug/Flying ...
  2. Fanfiction things

    Fanfiction Stuff
    This down here is the Region Name and various landmarks inside of it.

    Region: Gaion
    Enoch City
    Londomus City-Horrible reimaging of London
    Tokyork City-Name is a mixture of Tokyo and New York
    Mundala Town-Name just came into my head
    Snowton City-pretty straitforward
    Dublinia Town-Obviously Dublin, Ireland (where I live) just with some extra letters
    Parattle City-Paris and Seattle
    BTW ...