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  1. Does anyone think?

    Note: This is a short blog asking something that just occurred to me…

    Does anyone other then myself agree that the new generation girl looks like a cross between, Dawn, May and Ash? (Mainly Dawn 0.0)

    I mean, instead of the white and pink beanie we got a cap that’s white and pink with that half pokeball. Then the brown hair: that looks like Dawn’s contest ponytail hair. The rest of the clothing (from what we got in the scans) still looks a like Dawns (in game) ...
  2. another likely to be stupid question

    So I've been here for a few months and now after all this you'd expect me to know nearly everything but NO! So I have another likely to be stupid question for any one who can answer this. I'm doing fan-fics and I look in writers workshop alot. I see people use these "signle posts" but I can't figure out how you do it! Anyone know who put up single posts on your thread? I tried to look in the bmgf FAQ but I didn't find it. =( So mind explaining?
  3. (advertisment warning) I NEED PEOPLE TO JION MY THREAD!

    ^ That's the link to my new thread here. It's for 15 people to jion and is a game that I'm anxious to get started! So for the sake of me not forgeting I ask you guys to check it out! I can't wait to get it started! I hope you don't mind this... If you do learn to read titles! )=< kk! That's all I REALLY wanted to do! Bye! (for now)
  4. Signature banner's?

    I got a banner I really like and can't figure out how to make it bigger! I'm stumped and I don't know what to do! I guess I haven't learned everything here but can some explain how you make it bigger?
  5. In reply to: ...idea...

    What prizes should I put up that I can offer? I don't know what to do!
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