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Your favorite elite four

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by , 11th November 2009 at 02:03 PM (306 Views)
what is your favorite eliete four

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  1. *Leeney*'s Avatar
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    Favorite Elite Four member to me: Lucian
    Second: Aaron
    Third: Flint
  2. Totsuka's Avatar
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    mine is aaron even though im a girl im a lot like him and ash and second would be hmmm.... i dont know really
  3. mariowie's Avatar
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    this also could have been a thread or am i wrong, but my favorite is flint because i am burning !!!!!!
  4. Dragoon Rider's Avatar
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    Ya, it should be a thread or a social group. Anyways, mine is... Lance, becuase dragons are awesome.
  5. Totsuka's Avatar
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    sorry iwas new and was told only to make blogs so i made a group for two of the blogs yesterday


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