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The Somewhat Depressed Teenager

Random Quotes Part 1!

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by , 18th January 2010 at 04:54 AM (279 Views)
Farrah: Your boyfriend sounds like Asian Edward.

Me: I KNOW!!!

Me & my best friend after she found out I have a boyfriend.
Me: You saw it, right?

Farrah: Heck yeah!

Me: &?

Logan: It...

Farrah: ...was..

Me/Farrah/Logan: AWSOME!!!! *Massive giggle-fest*

Me, my best friend, & her twin sister, the day after New Moon came out.
Savannah: *Singing to the tune of Wakin' Up In Vagas*: Shut up & put your money where your mouth is,
That's what you get for F----in' With An Asian!

Me: I hate you, b**ch!

Me & a girl on my bus who thinks dating a guy from India makes me a hooker
Me: Whoa baby, look at that eye-candy!

Me, seeing New Moon & fangirl-ing for the werewoles (I'm Team Edward, though)

Me: Oh, Hope, remind me to kick Dylan in the balls later.

Hope: What happened?

Me: The manb**ch called me a w**re!

Hope: Yeah, you should kick him in the balls.

Me & another friend talking about another person who thinks the same thing as the girl on my bus

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  1. DCM's Avatar
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    you know, you don't have to censor yourself here.
    what a funny word though.

    oh, and Rotten Tomatoe gave New Moon a 28%.


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