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The Somewhat Depressed Teenager

Need Help With A Decision

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Recently, I reread the one of the very-first stories I posted here, Wicked, Pokemon-Style (I didn't finish it because I had family-problems at the time that kept me from writing, and then just got Writer's-Block), and was a little embarassed at how obvious my amateurness was.

At the same time, I still love the idea and wanna try to redo it, but I'm not sure if I should or not.

Can I get some opinions here, please?

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  1. jasonwolf's Avatar
    well firstly I gotta say I'm sorry I didn;t know you were having surgery. I feel sorta bad because as you said you were scared. anyway I'm a highly indecicive person myself so I'm not much help.
  2. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Where's the original?
  3. Elphie's Avatar
    @Human; It was a few years ago, so you'll prob. have a hard time finding it in the WW. Look in my Started Threads.
  4. HumanDawn's Avatar

    Sounded good. I suggest redoing it.


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