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The Somewhat Depressed Teenager

Got Black Yesterday!!!

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Bada-ba-ba-baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!

The graphics are amazing, so much better than any of the games before it. I'm already in Nimbasa-City, but I don't have the Badge yet.

My Team:

  • Bacon the Pignite, Lv. 28
  • Yorkie the Herdier, Lv. 18
  • Vinea the Pansage, Lv. 12
  • Malky the Purrloin, Lv. 11
  • Alfee the Audino, Lv. 21
  • Lillil the Petilil (Traded for) Lv. 18

What do you-guys think of 'em?

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  1. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    Not bad, but I'd work on Pansage's level a bit. People say bad things about it, but once it learns Seed Bomb and evolves, you will have an insane powerhouse on your hands. Good choice picking Tepig. The whole line is just awesome in general, and in my experience, a single use of Flame Charge was enough to alleviate the Speed issue, and my Emboar has a -Speed nature! In fact, I'd work on the levels of pretty much everything, as you've been mainly focusing on your starter. It's Purrloin and Petilil I'm iffy about. I hear very bad things about Purrloin, even for ingame purposes. If you want a real good Dark-type, I personally recommend Zoroark. Be warned, though, as a Zorua, it will practically live off of that Exp. Share. But patience pays off in the end. You'll notice a vast difference in usability once it evolves into Zoroark. And keeping Foul Play on it is not a bad idea. If you're at the final gym with no Dragon or Ice moves in sight, Zoroark's Foul Play works wonders on Haxorus. As for Petilil, you already have Pansage, so you don't really need another Grass-type. What you're lacking, I notice, is a Water-type. Which leads me to recommend Basculin. I prefer the Red Stripe Form, but that's irrelevant. What matters is the ability. If you get a Basculin, get one with Adaptability. You will thank me so much later on. See, the thing about Basculin... With Adaptability, its Water moves rip. things. apart. Especially the physical ones like Waterfall and Aqua Tail. Heck, even with a -Sp. Atk nature, a Surf from one of those things can be frightening to behold.

    Now don't get me wrong, I've nothing against Audino. In fact, I used one myself in White Version, and have dominated with the help of its versatile movepool. What concerns me is your lack of a Flying-type. You have no means of taking advantage of the Fly HM, and later on in the game, you'll want that little advantage. Now, I've had experience with several of the Flying-types in this game, but my personal favorite would have to be Woobat. Properly trained, the evolved Swoobat can be more than just a Fly slave, but a valuable asset to your team. It has a nice movepool, and gets Calm Mind by leveling up (especially good, seeing as the TM for the same move isn't available till the post-game). It has great Speed and a decent Special Attack (boostable by Calm Mind). If possible, score one with Unaware, as it'll ignore your opponent's stat boosts. But Unaware's not even necessary- my Swoobat has Klutz and still did great!

    I'm not gonna force you to take any of my suggestions, I'm just telling you what worked for me. But I gotta tell you, you really should train all of your Pokémon equally. It's a common enough mistake to only train one's starter, but it will invariably screw you over in the end somehow. I know from experience. Trained only Feraligatr in Silver, and got my ass handed to me repeatedly by Lance. Same in Yellow, except I never made it past Giovanni in Viridian Gym, and I had only raised Pidgeot.
  2. Elphie's Avatar
    Well, I now have a Tranquill (I put my Pidove in the DC) that's Lv. 27


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