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The Somewhat Depressed Teenager

Fannie's Shipps!

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by , 1st December 2009 at 05:34 AM (283 Views)
This is a list of shippings I made up:

LightStarshipping- MeXGary Oak (Thx for the name idea, Bones!)

Saucyshipping- ReaXRaika (From my RPG. Thx for the name, Dark!)

Littleshipping- AliceXShigu (Ash's little sisterXGary's little brother)

Kiddieshipping-GinnyXJacky (Your little sisterXThe little boy who lives in Chicole Village in PKMN Ranger:Shadows Of Almia)
Short list, I know!

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  1. Meron's Avatar
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    Kiddieshipping is already named... :o Seems to be Whitney x Liza.
  2. Elphie's Avatar
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    Oh. Can ya help mr think of a new 1?
  3. Umbrella's Avatar
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    Ew shipping


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