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The Somewhat Depressed Teenager

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  1. I just want out of here

    by , 16th November 2013 at 01:08 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    So, okay, my grandma is a bitch. She insists on combing my hair, even-though I'm sixteen years old. Todays she started bitching at me about the top of my head not being totally scrubbed. I tried to get her to leave it alone, and someone it exploded into some shit about Grandma saying I hated myself and hated her and just wanted her to die, and all this shit I didn't even say.

    I don't want to deal with this anymore. Why does this happen to me? I can't handle this for much longer.
  2. Well, I just got screamed at

    by , 3rd November 2013 at 10:24 AM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    For trying to make my cousin stop being a brat to everyone. Somehow I'm the bad-guy in that situation, because I'm older.

    Every time I try to do something good, it backfires, and I get in trouble. Guess that teaches me not to try. It hurts. I just want out.
  3. To People Who Ask Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

    by , 15th June 2013 at 08:46 PM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    • Hermione Granger went alone and got attacked by a troll
    • Moaning Myrtle went alone and got killed by a basilisk
    • Ginny Weasley went alone and got possessed by Tom Riddle and taken to the Chamber Of Secrets to die
    • Katie Bell went alone and was cursed by an opal necklace

    Moral of the story: If a girl goes to the bathroom alone, bad shit happens.
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  4. I'm Just Mad

    by , 9th June 2013 at 11:52 AM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    I'm irritated at my nana. My cousin, Jasper, is her favorite grandchild (Despite the face that he's a complete asshole). He's arrogant, he's rude, he's immature, and he's perverted.

    He got kicked out of his old school for bringing a knife to try to deal with a bully. So he went to the Tomorrow Center (our "last-chance school") for the rest of the year. And he got kicked-outta there for the last week. He kicked a kid in the balls.

    But in my Nana's eyes, Jasper ...
  5. I Pretty-Much Hate My Life Right-Now

    by , 27th January 2013 at 11:12 AM (The Somewhat Depressed Teenager)
    My mom and I live with her parents, and my youngers cousins get sent-over a lot, because my mom's brother and sister seem to think we don't have lives and exist to watch their children when they have better things to do.

    I'm the oldest grandchild. And so my grandparents expect me to be happy and smiley and accomidating all the time. Basically, they want me to do whatever they think I should do whenever they want it done, without any sort of sign that I don't want to.
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