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Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster of the Week #16: Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

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by , 1st August 2010 at 06:57 PM (529 Views)
Everyone remembers Red Eyes B. Dragon from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series, right? Well, this form of Red-Eyes debuted in GX, and it's absolutely awesome in terms of design and effect (even though you don't need Metalmorph on Red Eyes Darkness Dragon or Tribute Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon for it). REDMD can be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 Dragon type monster you have. It also can Special Summon a Dragon type monster from your hand or Graveyard. This is useful for getting high level Dragons on to the field quickly (like Blue Eyes White Dragon).

-Removing Infernal Dragon after it attacks to summon REDMD negates the point of the former destroying itself (plus, you get to have an even stronger monster on the field)
-Using DNA Surgery to turn all your monsters into Dragons will allow you to remove any one of them to summon this Dragon. You can also use Scapegoat during your opponent's turn if you have to.
-Using this card as the cost for Allure of Darkness will let you summon it with Escape from the Dark Dimension or Different Dimension Reincarnation
-After summoning 5 Headed Dragon (via Future Fusion or the traditional Polymerization) after sending 5 strong Dragons in the graveyard, you can later summon REDMD and revive the Dragons from there.
-REDMD works well with King Dragun. Both will let you Special Summon 2 Dragons a turn and the latter will protect the former from card effects (REDMD can also be summoned via Dragun's effect).
-You can Special Summon Felgrand Dragon or Darkblaze Dragon from the Graveyard with REDMD to activate their effects (Felgrand Dragon will gain 200 ATK for each level star a monster in your grave has, while Darkblaze Dragon will have its ATK and DEF doubled. The former must be sent from the field to the Graveyard after being Normal Summoned in order for it to be summoned from the Graveyard).
-It's possible to summon REDMD in the first turn. You can summon a low level Dragon, then remove it to summon this card.
-This card can be countered with Zombie World, since said card turns all monsters on the field and Graveyard into Zombies, limiting you to summoning the Dragons from your hand.

Level 10
Attribute: Dark
Type: Dragon
ATK: 2800
DEF: 2400
Text: [QUOTE]You can remove from play 1 Dragon-Type monster you control to Special Summon this card. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type monster, except "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", from your hand or Graveyard.[/QUOTE]

Appearances: Nightshroud (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, can't be summoned normally; had to Tribute Red Eyes Darkness Dragon equipped with Magic Reflector Armor - Metal Plus. It gained 400 ATK for each Dragon in the grave, also negated any Spell Cards that were activated by discarding 1 card)

Set first appeared in: Shonen Jump Magazine Promos (Ultra Rare)

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, my knowledge

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  1. Blazing Star's Avatar
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    Ah, yes, the key card in my Hopeless Dragon deck.

    Red Eyes ftw~
  2. Scarlet Sky's Avatar
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    Such a badass card. Red Eyes>Blue Eyes. >:D