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What's With Those Errors?

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by , 13th August 2010 at 11:05 AM (303 Views)

What's with the errors in that's been going on here lately? Is the tech staff moving things around? This has been going on for the past few days... (yes, I should've posted this in the FAQ section, but I can't help but do it in the blogs; also, sorry for the random outburst)

Edit: I usually experience these for a couple of minutes, but the most recent one I experienced before posting this blog lasted for an hour.

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  1. Pidgeot's Avatar
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    I had that recently; it ended about ten minutes ago. The bookmark link didn't work, but I searched it in Google, and it's worked since then.
  2. Nagini's Avatar
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    Ugh. I finally got through two minutes ago.
  3. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
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    They're probably working on one of our five servers or something.