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The Blog of Chaotic Randosity

Any random chaos or thoughts that occur in my life can go here.

  1. Started Afresh

    by , 18th June 2010 at 06:56 PM (The Blog of Chaotic Randosity)
    I got a little bored in HG, so I decided to start a new game in SS.

    Anyway, I beat the crap out of Falkner last night. Too easy, as always, due to me training my Pokemon to be close to his levels. Pidgey spammed Sand-Attack on Geodude; the latter's Rock Throw kept missing. Finally, Pidgey was taken out by Rock Throw after 3-4 misses. I switched to Mareep when Pidgeotto was brought out. Pidgeotto got paralyzed by Static after Tackling Mareep, and the latter 2HKOed the former with ThunderShock. ...
  2. So I Talked to My Dad About My Report Card

    by , 17th June 2010 at 07:24 PM (The Blog of Chaotic Randosity)
    And he wasn't happy. He wasn't happy that I barely passed Math and History. According to the History part, I get distracted easily (probably because I keep coming here).

    And the Math one: I had a really hard time with Trigonometry. For Math, I'm re-taking the notes on my math teacher's class blog so I can remember them.

    The rest of the grades were okay, though, but neither me nor my dad were happy about the report card's overall grades.
  3. So I Changed My Profile Layout Again

    by , 17th June 2010 at 10:37 AM (The Blog of Chaotic Randosity)
    I was bored, so I decided to change my profile's layout. I gave it gray borders and gray text. I wanted my profile to have some sort of metallic feel to it.

    If anyone forgot about what my profile was based on, here:

    Also, (and no offense to anyone) if anyone uses the Bulbagarden (Neo)Classic Skin, they'll have to change it if they want to see my profile and blog customizations ...
  4. A Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh! Resemblance

    by , 16th June 2010 at 09:03 PM (The Blog of Chaotic Randosity)
    I may have said this to some other people here (especially Lawnmowergirl), but here's something I'd like to share:


    looks a bit like:

    Fear the resemblance! (or not)
  5. I Relived Every 6 Year Old's Worst Nightmare Part II

    by , 16th June 2010 at 05:47 PM (The Blog of Chaotic Randosity)
    [URL="http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/blog.php?b=13533"]Remember this?[/URL] I had to take 2 more shots again from the doctor yesterday. Those 2 shots were for chicken pox (in the unlikely event that I'd catch it) and a booster shot (forgot what it was for). Once again, the doctor was kind enough to let me hold on to while the shots were administered. The first one hurt a bit more than the other 2 shots, but the second one didn't hurt as much for some reason.

    Now my arms feel ...
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