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I have school tomorrow. That means that I'll have to try and not be on here as much (because of my grades and my parents, as well as my teachers). I live at the GMT +8 time zone, so when I get to school, it would be evening for most of the users here. Also, when school is about to end, most everyone else would be asleep.

Also, I might not be able to keep up with the Black/White speculations during school days.

So, tell me, when does your school start for you, BMGfers?

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  1. Ghost's Avatar
    Late August.
  2. Rainbow's Avatar
    School doesn't start for me until September 7th :3
  3. White Len's Avatar
    Mine started 5 weeks ago. Regarding the speculations, well, that's why we have Bulbanews.
  4. Kantomasta's Avatar
    august 31st, then we have vacation for memorial day. !st year at freemont :)
  5. Amaura's Avatar
    August 27th for me :P