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I was wrong in saying the Pokémon recently revealed is a new one as opposed to a forme of Mewtwo. Apparently, it is a forme, and while I was wrong, a lot of people are angry about Mewtwo being "ruined", which makes me happy.

Mewtwo was never a favourite of mine, and I like the new forme more than the first one. Neither of them actually look good, but the new forme is an improvement; hopefully a new story will accompany it. And I hope that Mr. Fuji returns. All that's left is Fennekin becoming a Fire/Fighting Pokémon, and I'll squeal in joy at how angry the fandom becomes.

In other news, I started watching Sons of Anarchy; it's good so far.

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  1. SquishyFace's Avatar
    GOD DANGIT! I wanted it to be a new Pokemon, but I guess a new form is okay even if Black and White 2 used it a bit too much. I think that Fennekin would be part psychic type or at least be able to learn a few psychic moves by looking at it's attack in the X and Y trailer.
  2. Koopa Jr's Avatar
    All of the Gen 6 pokemon should be Fire/Fighting. All of them.
  3. Gaga's Avatar
    You are a Rayquaza fan. You do not exist to me.


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