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For some reason, I've been writing more and more lately, specifically, for my Maylene story. After thinking about it, I realised that it was because the part I'm at right now is the part is was most looking for in the story, and the one most heavy with Character Development.

This got me thinking about Character Development in general, regarding a lot of the novels I've been reading. There's "A Series of Unfortunate Events", which didn't seem to have any at all. Darren Shan's book "Birth of a Killer", the first of a series, also seemed lacking, although there are hints of them. But if you study the stories, you realise that there is a heavy load of Character Development. It's just tiny pits and pieces that matter, and I now wonder if the writer intended these tiny things that changed the character, because I didn't intend some of the tiny details that happened in my Maylene story.

Since I started posting the story on another forum, I've found that Riolu is a pretty interesting character, and I'm convinced that he happened by accident, as I didn't plan to fill him with the character he had in the beginning chapters, but it could be because I know what it to happen to him in a few already-written chapters, and that might have affected my thoughts.

Character Development is undoubtedly a very important factor, as I've met people who judge a story by it, and decide whether they will invest their time in the story by the amount of Character Development there is. If you're a reader, how important is Character Development to you?

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