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Totally Predicted The Sequels!

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by , 26th February 2012 at 02:38 AM (204 Views)
In heart of Satoshi-kun's 'New Pokemon Games Are Making My Butt Hurt!' blog, I think I should point out that I totally predicted two games instead of one.

As seen here: Feat your eyes!

Now, I know you'll say that I just got lucky, and that the vast majority of my predictions that didn't come true mean that my future predictions will still not be credible, but you're wrong. I was obviously right, and that obviously means that everything I ever say will always be right. And when this comes true, which it will, then you will all hail me as the supreme overlord of mass guessing.

Thank you, and bring on the money. I demand an unfair advantage (to win) in the Bulbagarden speculation contest; there will be one because I said so.

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