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by , 27th August 2011 at 01:59 AM (271 Views)
Shelfari is a website for book-reader and writers, casual or dedicated. It also works like a encyclopaedia, where you're able to edit the books and their information, from characters to locations to random trivia.

Does anyone use it? Has anyone heard of it before?

And if you're interested in reading books, I'd say Shalfari is a good motivator, since it has an annual goal for you to reach, which you can set yourself. The default one just counts your books.

Quote Originally Posted by Shelfari
You’ve read 8 books this year. Last year you read 4 books, so you’re ahead of your pace. (what’s this?) (change goal)
If you're interested, join. If you're not, oh well. If you're already a member or just a reader of books, can you recommend some books for me?

And that was the whole point of this blog, so I can use you to find more books to read.

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    Oh, that sounds pretty cool! I should definitively give it a try.


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