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Pokémon White 2 Random Party Challenge Part 2 - Eggs

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by , 6th April 2013 at 10:46 AM (3389 Views)
I scrambled all my eggs, and sent them over in a random order to White 2. Even though I knew what they will hatch into, I thought changing their order would add some sort of interesting aspect into this. I started running around waiting for the first of them to hatch. Meanwhile, get to know me.

According to that lady in the Pokémon Center, I'm a hiker. My name is Vacuous, and I'm a hardy person, meaning that I can stand my ground. My rival is named Huew.

Oh! The first egg is hatching!

And there he is! My first Pokémon! He shall be known as Egeria!

Studying his body language, I can see that he is a very timid Pokémon, and he sleeps a lot. I guess you can expect that from a baby, but it won't be tolerated. His only move is Astonish. Great. I can't even battle with this idiot yet, but we'll try!

Egeria protests and cries, but I drag him to Route 19. A Patrat. We have to run from it! Nope, Egeria dies, and I lose money. Fantastic. I take Egeria to Route 20, and it's still shivering and shaking with fear. I tell it to man up, and go into the grass. A Pidove. I try to run again, but Egeria fails and dies.

Let's give this another shot.

A Patrat. We run! Success! We run again in the grass, and we find a Sewaddle! Yeah, Astonish is weak, but one Oran Berry and stupid repeated uses of String Shot on the Sewaddle's part later, Egeria reaches Level 2! I high five my Pokémon, but it is throw back some paces and ends up crying. We heal, and go into the grass again. Another Sewaddle! This one is stronger and smarter than the previous one, and I end up using every Oran Berry and Potion I have, as well as my only Fresh Water. I used up all my healing items, but Egeria is now at Level 3!

I buy Potions, and go back to Route 20. But another egg is hatching!

I named her Hellbender. She's a very quirky Pokémon, and like Egeria, she often dozes off. She know Water Gun, so maybe she'll be better at levelling up. We go back to Route 19, and a Purrloin appears. Nope. Hellbender dies. I use Egeria to run, and we go back to heal. That Purrloin was at Level 4, so maybe she'll fare better against a lesser Pokémon.

Purrloin Level 3. This time, we're doing decent damage with Water Gun. 2 Potions later, and we're at Level 3! Another Purrloin, and we reach Level 4. Oh, how the tables have turned, Egeria.

And so, our long training session begins.

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Updated 6th April 2013 at 01:40 PM by Kyuuketsuki

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