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You might recognise Sun Of A Gun as my character's theme song for the first five chapters of my Pearl Nuzlocke Challenge.

Oh Land is an artist from Denmark, and that name was inspired by her own name, which is Nanna Øland Fabricius.

She released her debut album (picture above) a few days ago. And since I was obsessed with Sun Of A Gun, I pre-ordered it through Amazon, and it came in a few days ago. I've been listening to it non-stop.

Before you go crazy about her and judge my sense of music, you should know that her music falls somewhere between Alternative and Electronica and has a weird mixture of several other genres. If you're into that kind of stuff, congratulations. If you don't know what it means, then check out Sun of a Gun (linked above) to get an idea of the album.

"I follow you until I will get your perfection"

The lead song of the album, and quite a nice start. It starts out slow, and keep an eerie feeling throughout. It might not appeal to some people, but I quite liked it. There are a few violin-inspired parts, and some mellow beats. The lyrics is about the perfect lover, from what I understand. Her vocals in this song is very well done, and again, a very good start for the album.

Break The Chain
"Try to break the chain, and I feel like running, and I feel your pain, I feel like running, when I'm lost within my fate"

The second song of the album. It follows up on the same slow, eerie feeling of the previous song, but is slightly more upbeat. The vocals change a bit in this song, and take on a more softer side. It once again mixes very strange elements together, and it ends up becoming an amazing mixture of brilliant music and great vocals. The lyrics seem to be about getting away from a lover or something, but I'm not sure, since I'm not very good at lyrics interpretation.

Sun Of A Gun
"I wanna live in darkness, don't wanna be spun around"

The single that got me hooked. It takes on a more creepy route in music, lyrics, and vocals. It's about how someone she used to love is a bastard, to say the least. The best part of the song is the backing vocals. Compared to the previous two, it is drastically different, but works perfectly with the feel of the entire album

"All the things you do affecting my behaviour. No doctor got me diagnosed, no science proves the saviour."

A completely different song. Very upbeat in terms of music, and contrasted by the lyrics, and mixes with the great vocals. I can see it becoming a dance tune to people who are into that kind of music. Certainly not like the "club hits" of Techno, Pop, and that sort of mainstream music, but still a great one to drift away from the slow start. The lyrics is certainly weird, but seems to be about being controlled.

"Did you try to defend me when I was weak?"

And we're back to the slow music. This song mirrors the first one in terms of eeriness, and the third one in terms of creepiness, but takes it to another level. The music is so slow and drowned, while the vocals are very monotoned, except when it hits the chorus. It's about how someone should lean on her because she can save them.

Wolf & I
"I held a lover once, and I was his"

More creepy than any of the ones we heard so far. Shows a great vocal work. And drags the creepy music out of the hole it was hiding in. The place on the album fits perfectly. The lyrics is about the relation she has that mirror the moon and wolves. A little mythological there, but certainly a great song. Going back to the vocals, it depends heavily on the sound itself rather than the words emitting from her mouth, and it certainly great.

"I try to picture my escape, but I'm caught in a prison"

A little more upbeat song about how she doesn't want to fall in love with a human because it reminds her that she, herself, is a human, and has flaws. The music is a little weird, but mixes well into the song, and is very good. The vocals, as usual, are great. And they are different from the other songs in that they sound happier and follow the tone of the song, which is upbeat.

White Nights
"There is no silence, I will keep following the sirens"

Very upbeat. Very happy. Very childish tone. Amazing song. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I see it in a live action children's movie that deals with magic. The lyrics is quite a mixture, and I cannot detail all the elements, but they include dreams, nights, birth, and other lines that you wouldn't think of as a great mix, but are being done in this song, amazingly in fact. Her voice in this song is a little softer than the previous ones, and integrates itself into the music to make a great song.

"I will fall through their wall of silence"

I honestly can't tell you what the lyrics is about, but seems to be about magic and other elements. The music is upbeat as well in this song, and as the song before it, childish. The vocals follow the same tone. It mixes several types of music in a way similar to the start of the album, and once again, turns out great.

We Turn It Up
"We turn it up, we turn it up, we don't care what you say"

Another happy song. The music introduces something new to the album, which is a marching band kind of music. The vocals are very happy in the song, and are great as usual. The lyrics seems to be about having fun in your life, though I'm not sure.

"Resting on your shoulder, we won't go until there's no more people out there."

A slow yet happy song. The vocals takes several parts from other songs. The lyrics seems to be about very a happy relationship. It is very mellow compared to the songs before it. A very nice song to close the album with.

If you think you'd like the album, listen to the song I linked about, which is the official video for Sun Of A Gun, and watch some of the other videos on her channel, which include live performances and a few interviews.

Overall, the album is very good, amazing, actually. It will not appeal to some people, but is very pleasing to those who like this genre. Buy the album from a store near you if they have it, order it online if they don't. It is an amazing album.

Wolf & I Live Performance
White Nights Live Performance
Lean Live Performance
Break The Chain Kinda-Live-Performace

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