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New Mewtwo Forme

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Guys, remember that Gible split-evolution line we got because it came to the Anime so late into the Generation? No? That never happened? Okay, fine, how about that one time Mew was included in a movie of a Generation that wasn't its own, only to reveal a secret about Mew? No? That was just to advertise the Pokémon?

Are you saying that sometimes, when interest wanes in a franchise, such as Pokémon, they bring old things for nostalgia, so they can be relevant again, kinda like the PWT, and Ash's Charizard? And that when a new Generation draws closer, the franchise tends to do a lot of things to build up hype for it, and to get people excited about the new games?


I doubt a new forme for Mewtwo will be in the movie, or be revealed in the new Generation. And the genetics argument; Deoxys has more of a chance of being included.

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    Deoxys is an EVENT Pokemon. It can't be important to the plot.
    Mew was needed in a movie because they had to release a Gen III event for it. Plus advertise Gen 4 with Lucario. They just did that, nothing else happened...
  2. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWartortle
    Mew was needed in a movie because they had to release a Gen III event for it.
    Then perhaps another Mewtwo event?


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