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Mireille Fletcher & Liollmon

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Mireille "Max" Fletcher



Having grown up with tamers, Mireille knew about the existence of Digimon since she was a baby. Her parents retired from that profession after giving birth to her, opting for safer jobs. Mireille grew fond of Digimon, and decided to pursue a career as a tamer. Her parents approved of her decision, and at the age of 15, she got her own Digimon. She took care of the Popomon until he was a Liollmon, and though she kept up with her studies, she wanted to pursue being a tamer as a permanent career.

The Passage
§1, §2
Mireille was waiting in a cave for Owlmon's return, and she refused to go back to the human world when he was late. After a day has passed, she insisted that she and Liollmon go to seek him out, but the Digimon refuted all her suggestions. Mireille was unable to do anything but wait, until Owlmon returned. She requested a portal to be opened from the digital world to the human world, as well as for Owlmon to return with them in order to get properly treated, and broke up a scuffle between Liollmon and Dorimon.

Time passing differently in the human world than in the digital world, Mireille was only an hour late to her parents when she went through the portal. She handed Owlmon over to receive the medical care he needed, and vowed to find the perfect partner for Dorimon. After making a deal with Michael to train Alexander, Dorimon's potential partner, she returned home for a light scolding from her mother. She invited Alexander over to her house, and with help, told him about Digimon and asked him to be Dorimon's partner, which he was quick to accept.

Having grown up with Digimon, Mireille was friendly towards the creatures as she was towards humans. She doesn't understand why the existence of Digimon should be kept a secret, but despite that, she has not told anyone about them. Mireille worries a lot, and is quick to assume the worst and make bad decisions when she thinks that one of her loved ones were hurt. She's a loud and direct person, and she often has to tame those qualities.

Her hair is cut short for ease and convenience, and is a light shade of brown. Her eyes are dark green and pellucid. She is too skinny, and combined with her paleness, she is often noted as looking sick.

Alden Fletcher [Father], Courtney Dubois [Mother]

She was the first human to appear in The Passage, and the second in Digimon Journeys 0.1.
Her name in 0.1, Max, ended up being a nickname in The Passage.
0.2 was going to focus on her.
Her original theme colour was gold and yellow, in 0.1.
Her creation was inspired by Fujieda Yoshino.



Child [Highest: Adult]

As a Popomon, he was rescued by Owlmon from a battlefield. He was given to Mireille to be her partner, and the pair bonded straight away. Through her care, he quickly became a Frimon, and after some training, he became a Liollmon. Similar to Mireille, he grew up around humans, and unlike other Digimon, learned of their existence. During one of the many expeditions he took with Mireille to the digital world, he achieved the level of an Adult, and became a Liamon.

The Passage
§1, §2
After decided to wait an extra day, Liollmon had no choice but to wait with Mireille, and had to reject all her propositions of going to seek out the late Owlmon. After his father had returned, Liollmon developed some jealousy towards the new Dorimon, and got into a slight fight with the young, headstrong Digimon that Mireille had to break up. The group returned to the human world shortly after that.

Liollmon prefers being alone to the company of others. He is mostly a quite Digimon, and his experiences before being rescued by Owlmon left him with a very blunt view of death. He is very loyal to Mireille, but recognises that she tends to have some unreasonable requests, and often times ignores them for the sake of keeping her safe. Liollmon constantly wants to prove himself to Owlmon, and has adapted many of his qualities for the sake of being considered "special".

Liollmon resembles a lion cub. He has golden fur, and his tail resembles a thunderbolt. Red hair sprouts from the top of his head. He has blue eyes and sharp teeth. Liollman has a necklace around his neck, with an emerald hanging from it. He has large, strong paws.

Owlmon [Father], Dorimon [Brother]

He was the first Digimon to appear in Digimon Journeys 0.1, but the fifth in The Passage.
He likes stuffing himself in tight places.

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