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Mewtwo Forme

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Guys, you should know by now.

When has the Anime ever not caused a big disappointment? At the end of every Generation we get a lot of appearances of old Pokémon and characters in the Anime; what makes you think this is any different?

I'm certain that no new Mewtwo Forme will be revealed in this Generation, or even created. If I'm wrong, then gloat over it all you want, but I'm really tired of every speculation I read being 99% sure. Always leaving the room for the 1% possibility of you being wrong, and not having to deal with people pointing and laughing at you; it's okay to be wrong sometimes.

Anyway, back to the Anime. When has it not disappointed us? You guys hyped up the Charizard episode with Misty coming back to join the cast. And I'm sure that as the Butterfree episode gets nearer, and more information is known about it, we'll get a ton of asinine speculation that will be very far off from the truth, especially considering Oak is making an appearance. By that logic, then Butterfree will get a new Forme as well, maybe even a pink split-evolution of Caterpie or Metapod.

Since the Original Series, the Anime did nothing but cause speculation of new Pokémon and characters returning, even though they only appeared in one episode. Ever since the first movie, the tailgate of the Anime brings with it news of the next Generation, and that trend was only further instated by the Latias and Latios. I don't doubt that by now they caught on the fact that their ratings (most likely) shoot up during the end and beginning of a series. I'm certain that is the only reason Mewtwo is back in the series to make an appearance in a disappointing movie that fans are hyping.

Since Aipom was caught, and then Ambipom was revealed, it just became a speculation game even though nothing of that sort ever happened again. Gible was rumoured to have a split-evolution because it came late into the series, and that never happened. Just get used to it; the Anime always relies on nostalgia at the end of a Generation, and that Mewtwo isn't any different. Clair will make an appearance; does that mean she'll get a new dress?

Remember how hyped Best Wishes was? Now it's called the worst series ever. People have stopped watching, and then they all flocked back to the anime at the mention of the Charizard cameo. Charizard, and Mewtwo, and Butterfree, and Clair, and Oak are all just a part of a hype train.

Main point: The Pokémon Anime is a mixing pot of disappointment, letdowns, anticlimaxes, hype, and nostalgia. Get used to it.

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  1. Lugiafanatic's Avatar
    Has the Mewtwo form been confirmed as fake?
  2. Kyuuketsuki's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lugiafanatic
    Has the Mewtwo form been confirmed as fake?
    I don't think so; not yet, at least.
  3. Lugiafanatic's Avatar
    Ah ok--thanks.
  4. Gengarzilla's Avatar
    Ah yes, I remember all the hype that the Junior World Cup got and how it disapointed on virtually every aspect. I'm still willing to keep an open mind though so I won't be denying any new forme just yet.
  5. Lugion's Avatar
    I think it would be a bigger letdown if THAT was Mewtwo's alternate form.


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