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Soso's Territory


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by , 14th October 2013 at 01:38 PM (410 Views)
Remember when we though that Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City were so amazing and advanced?

I think in this case we can rightfully be called: 'Basic Bitches'.
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  1. SharKing's Avatar
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    When getting into Black, I found myself disappointed in Castelia City. Seemed way too small for all the hype it was given as a major city.

    Lumiose City, on the other hand, did not disappoint.
  2. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
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    They still are impressive for their time. ^^
  3. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
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    Honestly, I thought Castelia City and Skyarrow Bridge were linear and boring, and were just a way of showing off 3D graphics to say "look at us, we're in 3D!", but that's just my opinion...
  4. Hoopa's Avatar
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    Lumiose's shitty camera makes it more trouble than its worth.
  5. Xita's Avatar
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    Considering Lumiose is such a pain in the arse to navigate through, I don't think Castelia and Skyarrow are that bad.
  6. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
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    I always thought that Castelia City was too big so I didn't like it much


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