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Soso's Territory


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She's a singer that I recently discovered. I bought her album not so long ago, and it's been on replay ever since.

And this is her:

Now, onto her album.

It's pop/rock/alternative and mostly comes off as a weird mixture of genres. She stated that she wrote the album as she was coming out of depression, which is evident by the half-depressing and half-hopeful songs.

It took me some time to get used to it and to like the songs, but by now, I love them all. I would defiantly recommend it to you, but if you are not so quick to trust my opinion, here are some samples:

Love Is Dead - The first single from the album, which is also entitled Love Is Dead. I personally really like the video. The song didn't fit at first, but it grew on me with time, and I especially love how her voice sounds as if it refuses to leave her mouth.

Walking On Air - Slightly more upbeat. The video is what drew me into her music, and it is the first song I heard of her. As the one before it, it took some time to get used to.

The channel has two other videos, but they aren't in the album, which is why I didn't link them.

And this is it for now.

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