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  1. I Miss Digimon

    I really do...

    Probably because I just ran across some threads relating to Digimon (And I joined an RP).

    I also ran across my old Digimon fanfic, and it is bad. Though here's an outline of the 9 chapter I wrote.

    Chapter 1

    Alex gets a Digimon after Max recruits him to become a Digimon Tamer. He goes back home, gets attacked, his Digimon and Max's team up to win. Max takes Alex to HQ, he meets two other tamers, Matt and Amy, wait, Amy is ...
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  2. Extended Essay

    Limit is 1500-3000. I wrote 1515 words.

    I just finished editing it for the last time and submitted it.

    In other news, I should get my keys today, since I forgot them back home, and then I should hand back in my temporary keys, and then I should be expecting my iPod to arrive, and then I should listen to music.
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  3. Childhood Lies

    As everyone else, my parents lied to me about to me about stuff as a kid to keep me safe, and I lied to my sisters, and they lied to me. Yet people act like childhood is so innocent.

    So, here comes a random list of these lies:

    Mom to me and my sisters: "No, honey. You can't go out after 8, Um-Ignan, the witch, is searching to kids to sacrifice so she can fly back to Oman."

    (Oman has a comical stereotype of being a witch-infested country) ...
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  4. Don't Jump On

    So while everyone is on the two bandwagons and jumping from one to the other and back, I will pass on that opportunity.

    Instead, I will talk about something unrelated to the world, and completely unneeded, unproductive, and boring.

    Beyoncé released her new single, which is quite good. Also, Selena Gomez has some good songs!

    Oh and, I like "Can't Be Tame" by Miley Cyrus.

    *Waves goodbye at bandwagons* *Drinks Vimto* *Plays music ...
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  5. Have More Babies

    Everyone should have babies (but me), because apparently, parents like to give away cupcakes when they have a baby.

    And I don't oppose sugar.

    So one of my relatives had a daughter, and when my mom visited her, she got cupcakes and marshmallows. And since she doesn't like sweets, which is a weird thing that makes me suspect she isn't human, she gave them to me.

    Moral of the story: "Give me sweets!".
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