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  1. Shiny Pokémon!

    In addition to the shiny Hoppip I got through a Horde Encounter, I found two more shiny Pokémon.

    He was while I was chaining something for the scientist guy at Sycamore's laboratory. I went into the first patch of grass and found a Pancham, not what he asked for, so I killed it to get some experience, thinking I should just run around to get some other Pokémon. The second patch of rustling grass that I meant to ignore had ...
  2. Horde Encounters

    Today I was watching a video on quick EV training, and the commentator mentioned that Sweet Scent guarantees a Horde Encounter in places where they are allowed. Naturally, my first thought was how easy it would be to hunt Shiny Pokémon using this new feature.

    I was just testing out Sweet Scent when this happened!
  3. Memories

    Remember when we though that Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City were so amazing and advanced?

    I think in this case we can rightfully be called: 'Basic Bitches'.
  4. Fairy

    Ugh... the new Pokémon look like Digimon. Fairies is obviously a concept exclusive to Digimon.

    Ugh... they obviously look like each other...


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  5. Alden Fletcher & Mamemon

    Alden Fletcher



    After he became a tamer, Alden rose in ranks with Courtney and Friedrich. Out of the three, he was most concerned with computers and technology, and he was the one to prepare missions for the trio. He taught Friedrich how to organise these things and coordinate the talents with each other before he retired with his wife and became an accountant. His partner, Mamemon, chose to stay with him,

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