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After a quick, but very conflicted, thinking session with myself, I've decided that I will pick Chespin to be my starter. I also want Fennekin to be Fire/Fighting upon evolving, because I love seeing people writhe with rage.

This is the second Generation in which I liked all the starters, the first being III. They all look good! And Chespin looks so awesome! I want it. I want it now.

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  1. S.S. Shadow Minun's Avatar
    I think Fennekin might be quadruped, and shall be Fire/Psychic upon evolving. I don't want to see another Fire/Fighting on starters, but a quadruped non-legendary Fighting-type could be awesome.

    Fighting-type would work on Chespin because he's damn too "human-like" at my first glance, and he's bipedal like Scraggy.


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